Under The Anti Lies The Body

Group exhibition

In collaboration with Stefanskirken in Copenhagen we proudly present the group exhibition Under The Anti Lies The Body. Four queer artists are invited to explore and dive into the question of whether there is a place for queer people in the house of God - the church.

The show opens at 2 PM - 6 PM on the 13th of August in Stefanskirken where danish rosé wine produced of blackcurrant will be served by Grands Vin.

Stefanskirken, Nørrebrogade 191, 2200 Nørrebro, Copenhagen

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lolita pelegrime / solo exhibition

In collaboration with VESS Showroom we proudly present the debut solo exhibition with Lithuanian artist, Lolita Pelegrime.

For more information go to the Facebook event here.

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Ene bissenbakker / Solo exhibition

In collaboration with Pavillon No. 11, we proudly present a solo exhibition with Danish artist Ene Bissenbakker.

For more information go to the Facebook event here.

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frederiksberg kunst


Our artist, Ene Bissenbakker, will be among the exhibiting artists at 'Frederiksberg Kunst 2018' arranged by Frederiksberg Kunstnerlaug and curated by the Jury of 2018 which consists of Kim Jørgensen from Oxholm Gallery, the artists behind Dencker & Schneider Gallery and artist Nadia Plesner among others.

The group exhibition will run from the 11 - 24th of September 2018 and take place at Frederiksberg Townhall.

For more details see here.


ec1 24h by the curatorial group, fsk copehagen

The team of Slowroom Contemporary joined forces with the curatorial group FSK Copenhagen as co-curator and graphic designer. The EC1 24H project executed 22 exhibitions in 22 days. Learn more about the project here.


3# rotation : nude


Artists included: Lolita Pelegrime, Ene Bissenbakker, Florian Hetz, Vinicius Cardoso, Pete Lamberto & Niels Kalk.


2# rotation : queer


Artists included: Bruce LaBruce, Florian Hetz, Mads Hyldgaard Nielsen, Discordant, Loughlan Prior, Pete Lamberto, Niels Kalk, Alaine Winther, Chris Phillips & Esteban Diacono.


1# rotation : slow


Artists included: Bruce LaBruce, Esteban Diacono, Mads Hyldgaard Nielsen, Florian Hetz, Discordant, Ene Bissenbakker, Lolita Pelegrime, Chris Phillips, Vinicius Cardoso, Loughlan Prior, Pete Lamberto, Alaine Winther & Lukasz Wierzbowski.


One of the first important art pieces that made a crucial impact on my love for contemporary art, was Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ installation piece ‘Untitled (Perfect Lovers)’ from 1987-1990. This political, and emotionally strung lovestory, translated into a well executed art piece, moved me deeply; the two battery operated clocks, synchronized in unison and placed side by side, with one of them inevitably stopping before the other. ‘Untitled (Perfect Lovers)’ was made during the time Gonzalez-Torres’ lover battled with AIDS, and represents their love, as well as the tension with the artist facing the death of his beloved. 

It might seem strange that I am introducing my pilot project, Slowroom Contemporary, with the story behind ‘Untitled (Perfect Lovers)’. But the truth is, that it’s due to contemporary pieces like this, that my curiosity for finding artists of my generation whos work could move me the same way, comes from. So this is exactly what I did; I gathered artists whos work moved me, as my relation to art is dominantly based on emotion, more than anything else. Furthermore, I was curious of whether each of the artworks emotional value would change, when placed in
different contexts. I wanted to explore the variation of stories they could tell, collectively, as well as individually, when rotated amongst one another. This is where the idea of Rotations emerged. With each of the exhibitions, Rotations, a new theme and title will be attached, and should merely be perceived as a search for stories that could move you, as I have been.